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New Wood Pallets

Our new wood pallets provide you with the best possible value through consistent quality and performance. As America’s largest new pallet manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of lumber species, dimensions, and grades. We build pallets to your specifications following the industry-standard guidelines set forth by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association.

New Custom Pallets

Our design and use analysis ensure that you’re getting superior performance at the best possible price. Our professionals create and analyze your pallets using the leading pallet design software programs.

Heat Treated Wood Pallets

All PalletOne locations are audited and certified annually by third-party inspectors to provide heat-treated pallets (HT pallets) for export in accordance with the IPPC’s most current ISPM 15 requirements.

GMA Pallets For Food

We offer high-quality whitewood pallets that comply with GMA guidelines, providing pallets that match the dimensions and meet quality standards outlined by the GMA, now the Consumer Brand Association (CBA).

Wood Skids

If you need wooden skids to store your heavy products or machinery we can build and ship skids to your warehouse. Call us and we will design a skid for your needs.

System Pallets

One of our specialties is manufacturing so-called system pallets for use in high bay warehouses. These are normally in-house pallets with maximum precision for smooth operation in fully automatic warehouses.